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The Best CoWorking Spaces in Columbus to Launch Your Startup

A Co-Working Space is the perfect place to conduct business and these are some of the best ones in Columbus

Self-Employment is a rising trend, as millions of American workers are eagerly leaving the corporate world to work for themselves. It’s estimated that 33% of the workforce will transition from full-time employment to self-employment between now and 2020. That’s approximately 27 million workers, bringing self-employed workers up to 47 million.

Where do all of these self-employed workers actually do their work? Those lucky enough to have the space for a home office can certainly start there, but if you lack that space, find being at home potentially distracting, or if you grow as a company and require interaction with your team, a Co-Working Space is the perfect place to conduct business. Hopefully you eventually grow out of a co-working space to an office space of your own (if you’re already there check out these great commercial and investment properties available in Columbus!) Until then, we’ve compiled a list of the best co-working spaces in Columbus.

the number of co-working spaces is growing
As a result of self-employed workers needed a place to work, the number of co-working spaces are on the rise. Image courtesy of Knoll

There are several variables to consider when choosing the right co-working space for you.

Price will likely be one of the most important factors to look at, then you’ll want to compare the various amenities the space offers.  How’s the internet speed? Is there quiet space to focus or make calls, and larger spaces to host meetings or collaborate? Can they accept your mail? Do they provide coffee or at least a place to brew your own? Is there 24/7 access or limited hours? What’s the parking situation like? So many things to consider in finding your perfect Co-Working Space in Columbus.


Inside of QWIRK co-working space in Columbus

QWIRK is a casual co-working space with a variety of membership options, offering networking and educational events, located on 3rd Street in downtown Columbus. Enjoy free wired or wireless internet, a storage locker, unlimited printing, as well as fax, copier, scanner, and shredder access. They also offer free coffee and snacks and 24/7 access. Memberships vary for day and week passes, part or full time desks, or private offices. Day passes run $10/ day, whereas a private office can run between $675-875 per month depending on the size.

The Perch

Inside the Perch Coworking Space

The Perch is an industrial modern co-working space located one block from High Street with convenient access to Short North and Italian Village amenities. The membership perks are plentiful from complimentary office supplies and coffee and 24/7 access, to access to storage and conference space, printing and AppleTV use. Pricing is available upon request and range from single or double desks, private offices (good for teams of 3-4) and private lofts (good for teams 4-5). There is no day rate but they do offer reciprocal memberships with co-working spaces in other cities.  

The Salt Mines

The Salt Mines, based in North Columbus in Clintonville, focuses on community and collaboration. They offer the standard amenities of free coffee, printing, fast wireless internet, and conference room reservations, with added bonuses for full time dedicated desk members like 24/7 access, business mailing address, and onsite/online promotion. Membership rates are competitive, with dedicated desks costing $250/ month, full time members (without dedicated desk) at $200/ month, Part Time Members (3 days per week with 9-5 access) at $120/ month, and day passes for $15.

Idea Foundry

Inside of Idea Foundry space for Columbus makers

Idea Foundry is unique from the other co-working spaces on our list as it’s part of a larger community space of “makers”. Offering space and tools for local makers to work on projects like furniture, art, jewelry, 3D printing projects, and mechanical projects like motorcycles or drones, they have over 60,000 sq feet of space to share. The co-working area offers large communal desks, lounge areas, individual desks and private rooms. Amenities include, free wifi, coffee and on-site parking. Memberships start at $200/ month, with dedicated desks running $350/ month and private offices costing $650/ month.

As you can see columbus has no shortage of quality co-working spaces to utilize until you’re ready for your own commercial property.

Lani Redinger

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