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The Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Columbus Where You Can Actually Get Work Done

Selection of accomodating coffee shops around town for self-starters and entrepreneurs

It’s becoming more apparent that “climbing the corporate ladder” is no longer the shared American dream, and instead people are focused more and more on self-employment and entrepreneurship, accounting for approximately 30% of the American workforce in 2014. Once someone takes the leap to leave the corporate world there are several levels of success they will need to achieve before graduating to their own commercial property to work from.

At first newly self-employed workers will likely work from home, that is until they find it distracting or begin to long for more social interaction and a reason to get out of the house. Then they may move to public spaces that can accommodate their work, most shops! They provide ample “brain juice”, a table to work from, and free wifi. Eventually they may graduate to a co-working space once they have the funds for membership, or their own office space when they outgrow the coworking venue. Until then though, Columbus’ self-starters and entrepreneurs can find a nice selection of accomodating coffee shops around town to get some work done.

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Mission Coffee Co. - 11 Price Ave.

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Mission Coffee Co. has everything you need for a makeshift office, plenty of workspace from high and low top tables to couches and lounging areas, quality coffee, and reliable internet. On the coffee front they offer a variety of bean options and brew methods (patrons rave over the cold-brew), paired with plenty of outlets to use while you work.

Danielle S. shares on Yelp,

“Tasty coffee, tasty treats, friendly baristas, fun music, and just an overall wonderful atmosphere! Pretty hipster. Free WiFi. It's a wonderful space to hangout or get work done. Definitely check Mission Coffee out! Also: get their cold brew. You won't regret it! It's phenomenal! I also had the three cheese croissant which was mouth watering. And a coconut creme filled donut since I was spending multiple hours there (#treatyoself) and it was divine.”
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Roosevelt Coffee - 300 East Long St.

Inside of Roosevelt Coffee on East Long Street Columbus

Roosevelt Coffee stands out from your average coffee shop with their focusing on more than just quality coffee, they partner with organizations fighting to stop unclean water, hunger, and human trafficking, while still serving their own quality roasted coffee. You’ll find plenty of space to work, reliable free wifi, and the bonus of a record player and impressive record collection.

Brad R. raved on Yelp,

“Roosevelt Coffeehouse is easily my new favorite coffeehouse in Columbus. 

1:) Their Mission to serve/help fight against human trafficking and poverty is amazing and something I love contributing to.

2:) I had an iced americano and it was literally the best americano and espresso I've ever had. They don't use cold brew but actually use espresso and have you put the amount of water in you prefer. It's strong, bold, and delicious.

3:) Their engraved mason jars are just really cool

4:) Their environment. Record player. People in meetings/chatting with friends/working on their computer. Baristas are extremely friendly and helpful. Free WiFi.

I will definitely be back!”
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Hemingway’s Coffee Nook - 175 South 3rd St.

Inside Hemingway's Coffee Nook in Columbus
Image courtesy of Columbus Underground

Hemingway’s is a hidden gem tucked away inside an office building, and where it lacks in space, it makes up for in charm and quality brews. There is free wifi and outlets to set up your workspace, and an outdoor patio to work from in warmer weather. Serving Lucky Bros. coffee with a popular assortment of delicious lattes, you can’t go wrong with your refreshment here either.

One reviewer on Yelp explains,

"If there was a speakeasy coffee shop in Columbus this would be it. It's a little hard to find, tucked away in an office building. It's a little gem which makes for a fun and exciting adventure!

Walking in it's a small quaint shower shop that has a patio! The owner Theresa is extremely friendly, engaging and passionate about all things coffee. She shared with me all about how her business started and what inspired her to start Hemingway's. It's 1920's Paris themed and I've never seen a small space so perfectly organized and arranged. There's a Paris mural on the wall, cool antiques, old books and lots of great seating. It's a great place to get work done since yes they have outlets and free WIFI.

They have an incredible assortment of speciality drinks and even had a seasonal fall menu. I ended up getting the Golden Pumpkin which was golden milk with turmeric, dates, and herbs with pumpkin spice, espresso, with whipped cream. Talk about unique! They get all their coffee from Luck Bros."
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Upper Cup Coffee - 79 Parsons Ave

Upper Cup Coffee storefront on Parsons Ave. Columbus

Upper Cup Coffee features a rotating stock of single-origin house roasted coffee, brewed as drip, pour over or with a french press. They also feature basic espresso drinks and light fare. The offer ample workspace, free wifi, and outlets to work, with just enough sound to focus without being distracted.

Sharon L. shared on Yelp,

“Good coffee. I had their ethiopian pour over today and it was delicious. It was slightly fruity without a burnt/bitter finish. I really enjoyed the noise level as well. I came here to study today and I enjoyed the playlist they had going. There's also just enough noise inside for it to be comfortable, but quiet enough to work in. Other places (such as Luck Bros) sometimes don't have any customers around this time of day and no music going, which can make the environment a little uncomfortable to work in.”
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Stauf’s - 627 South Third St

people doing business inside Stauf's coffee shop
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Stauf’s make take more time to make your brew, but that’s because they are crafted quality beverages with loyal lines of patrons willing to wait. The German Village location has plenty of seating and outlets, and top notch pour overs with single source beans. They also serve quality fare for a variety of dietary restrictions. You’ll get plenty of work done while enjoying your pour over!

Emma P. shares on Yelp,

“Just like the Grandview location, I LOVE the German Village location!

This location is located right next to a bookstore- which I love! You could do find a book and read it over some coffee or vice versa. The one thing I do love about this location more is the seating- I feel like the seating is 10× better, inside and outside. They offer more outlets (who doesn't love that) so it's perfect to go there and study or get some work done.  They also have a little patio too. This location does not have a parking lot, but I never seem to have trouble finding parking on the side streets.

Also, their coffee is the best! They do offer alternative milk options, which is amazing!”

Whether you need to study for a big exam or need a makeshift office until you can afford your own commercial property, Columbus has a quality selection of coffees shops where you can focus and get your work done.

Lani Redinger

Lani Redinger is a professional writer, editor, and bibliophile from Pittsburgh, PA