Best Franchises to Launch In Columbus

Our picks for the best franchise opportunities to open in Columbus, Ohio

Starting your own business is a delicate balance of risk and reward. One way to slightly reduce the risk is to join an already successful enterprise by opening a franchise business. You are able to work for yourself, without working by yourself. Franchise businesses have a successful track record, and offer the tools, resources, and structure to launch your business, figururing much of the heavy lifting and challenges.

Franchise Advantages

  • Provide a level of independence in your work life
  • The product or service likely already receives widespread support and recognition
  • Established customer base that may otherwise take years to establish
  • Increased chance of success because you have access to proven products and methods
  • Ability to provide customers consistent quality

In additional to general advantages of opening a franchise, most franchises offer the following support.

Pre-Opening supporting including:

On-Going Support including:

  • Training
  • National and regional advertising
  • Operating procedures and assistance
  • Management support
  • Bulk Purchasing access
  • Increased spending power

If you are seeking to open a franchise business in Columbus, you can review current available commercial properties here. The type of franchise you choose will impact the location and size of the property you need.

Here are our picks for the Best Franchise Opportunities to Open in Columbus, Ohio:


Sub Sandwich

When it comes to fast, convenient dining options, there are two franchise opportunities that top the list. While greasy fast food giants still dominate the quick service franchise world, the growing trend towards healthier eating has made sandwich and salad venues a popular pick.

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns has been around for 30 years now, with thousands of location across the country.  They are known for their in depth support, closely offering owners a great deal of guidance in succeeding. The company estimates your annual sales can hit $1.2 million, with net profits around $280,000. Investment, outside of property, requires $80,000 cash and a net worth over $300,000.


Subway has locations in over 100 countries, and 50 years of branding for a loyal customer base. In comparison to Jimmy Johns, the investment is modest, about $15,000

On the less healthy side of eating out, two more franchises continue to show strong promise.


Wingstop is a newer franchise, first opening in 1994, launching franchising in 1997. There are over 480 locations, with 100 more on the way. Wingstop knows that wings are no longer a secondary menu item and now functions as a popular main course. You get the added bonus of Troy Aiken as your spokesperson. Start up investment ranges from $260,000 to $617,000, and investors must have $200,00 in cash and a net worth over $400,000.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is an iconic American brand, that caught the eye of Warren Buffett, who bought the company in 1998. With established branding, the customer favorite Blizzards, and hot food options, you can’t go wrong. There are over 5,700 locations operating in 24 countries. Start up costs are steep and do require new construction, and investors must have a net worth of $750,000 with at least $400,000 in liquid assets.

Health and Wellness

Weight Lifting inside a fitness center

In line with the trend of healthy eating, another franchise business that is showing great promise are gyms and spas focused on fast, convenient service.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is founded on the promise of around the clock access, giving members one less excuse to not make it to the gym. Despite being open 24/7 the franchise offers proprietary access software, security, and surveillance technology, leaving low staffing needs and leading to relatively low overhead. Start up costs range based on the gym’s size from $46,000 to $322,000.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy offers the luxury of spa services at an affordable cost, and convenience hours, with most locations open until 10pm. In addition to a variety of massages, they also offer reflexology and facials, with packages, monthly membership deals and low introductory service deals at $49 for a one hour massage. Investment ranges from $350,00-$560,000 and requires a net worth of $500,000 with $150,00 in liquid assets.


hair salon chair

A subset of health and wellness, quick service salons are also a growing trend in franchise opportunities.


Supercuts owes much of its growth to encouraging owners to open multiple locations. Many owners own up to 5 location of the various brands in the Regis Corp family. Start up costs are on the low end ranging from $145,000 to $300,000.

Sports Clips

Sports Clips  was conceived in 1993 to cater to the underserved market of men and boys looking for hassle free haircuts. They offer a manly environment with sports themed decor and uniforms. Initial investments range from $200,000- $370,000.

city of Columbus

Once you decide which franchise you’d like to open in Columbus, you can search for current available commercial properties in the area and get started today!

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