6 Opportunities and Organizations for Professional Women in Columbus, OH

People and Places Empowering Professional Women in Columbus

As women, we often face challenges in the workplace that create additional challenges in our professional lives that our male counterparts do not. Whether we are struggling with asking for a promotion, feel daunted by others in the workplace, or find difficulty in balancing work life and family life, most of us have been there. Facing these challenges can be difficult, yet strong, professional women like us are empowered by the opportunity to stand up for ourselves and prove exactly what we’re made of. Building a professional network of strong women to bounce ideas off of and empower one another is an invaluable aspect of a woman’s growing career, which is why we at HER Realtors - the top commercial and residential real estate agents in central Ohio - have compiled a list of six empowering opportunities and organizations for professional women in Columbus to be part of.

Women for Economic and Leadership Development of Columbus

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Women for Economic and Leadership Development of Columbus - or WELD - is an organization aiming to collectively advance leadership and opportunities for women across the country. Luckily, Columbus is home to a strong chapter of WELD, giving women endless opportunities to not only advance themselves, but give back to their communities in the name of female empowerment. Notably focused on leadership initiatives, WELD looks to inspire women to step up in the workplace, allow their skill sets to shine, and empower their female counterparts to seek success and equality in the workplace and beyond. Not only do women in WELD succeed on their own, but are more likely to pay it forward to their communities and beyond.

Columbus Women in Digital

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Women in Digital is a nationwide organization - now present in twenty-three cities - that was founded in 2016 to accelerate advancement and growth for women in creative digital fields. With roughly 1,700 members nationally finding their power within the digital workplace, Columbus is lucky to have their own branch of creative and tech-savvy women. Members have access to an extensive network of women - both locally and online - to communicate with and bounce ideas off of, chapter meetings and events, and the opportunity to attend a national conference and grow as a contributor of the digital media community - something your employer is sure to love!

2019 Women’s Wealth and Wellness Expo

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As as prominent professional event for women in the region, the Women’s Wealth and Wellness Expo is an event that attracts hundreds of women annually for a day of female empowerment across business and wellness topics. At the Women’s Wealth and Wellness Expo, women have the opportunity to network while engaging in discussions from guest speakers on topics of doing business in Ohio, the role of sales in business advancement, and using emotional intelligence to excel in the workplace. This upcoming year the expo takes place on January 26th, 2019 in Westerville, Ohio, making it an awesome opportunity for hardworking professional women in Columbus. The expo also features a variety of vendors and engaging workshops, making it an event you don’t want to miss out on.

Columbus Women’s Business Meetup

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With a more casual membership, the Columbus Women’s Business Meetup is a large group of professional women from across a variety of industries looking to take part in networking and career advancement opportunities in the central Ohio region. Not only do these women support one another with a combined number of years of experience, but reach out within their network for job opportunities and advancement advice. Meetups not only include casual networking events, but guest speakers and business mastermind topics that guide women down a path of empowerment which, in turn, pushes them closer to their individual and collective professional goals.

Women Lawyers of Franklin County

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Established in 1942, the Women Lawyers of Franklin County (WLFC) is a coalition of over 250 women in the greater Columbus area driven towards supporting female attorneys in the workplace. Not only do members of WLFC establish a strong network of strong women within the legal field, but can partake in a mentoring and networking program known as “The DIning Program,” where networking includes meals and hangouts with women from a variety of legal practices. Members can attend networking and luncheon events, but also have the opportunity to take on a variety of leadership positions within the organization to build stronger resumes.

Dress for Success Columbus

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Dress for Success is a nationally-known organization designed to empower women across the country to reach financial and professional independence from start to finish. While working on initiatives like providing women from a variety of backgrounds with professional attire for interviews and work, Dress for Success has its own career center and volunteers actively working to help women succeed in the workplace. Hosting networking events, discussions, and employment retention services, women - no matter where they are in their employment journey or on the corporate ladder - Dress for Success Columbus is sure to create a network of inspiring women to connect with.

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With much to do to achieve total equality of women in the workplace, it’s import for women to actively work to empower not only themselves, but a network of other women and emerging female leaders in their communities. Columbus is full of women ready to work together to overcome the challenges women face in the modern workplace, and here at HER realtors we support and applaud those women looking to make a difference in the community.