6 Fantastic Cooperative Work Spaces Around Columbus

These are not your average cubicles.

Newsflash: the future of the working world does not reside in the same kind of cubicle your dad sat in. It lays in coworking--a style of work that involves a shared office space and where workers, typically from different organizations, gather together to collaborate and, in essence, do work. There are major benefits to working in shared spaces, so check out these 6 amazing places to cooperate in Columbus, Ohio.

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The Benefits of Coworking

Before I go on to this epic list of cooperative spaces that you’re sure to flock to, let me first convince you why coworking is such a great thing.

A few of the benefits of coworking:

  • 70% of people reported that they felt healthier in a shared space setting than the typical office setting (according to Officevibe)
  • 68% said they were more able to focus better while working in a cooperative space
  • 60% feel more relaxed at home since coworking
  • 78% of coworkers are under 40
  • 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps and solopreneurs by the year 2020 (so they’re gonna need somewhere to hold a meeting!)

The push for shared spaces is one collaboration over competition, pulling people together to learn from each other, network and stimulate creativity. For more reasons to consider coworking, check out these 11 incredible coworking statistics, and then come tell me you’re not convinced.

group of coworkers fistbumping
Don’t hang around your basement bouncing ideas off of your cat. Get into a space that will really inspire you.

The Idea Foundry - Franklinton

the idea foundry coworking space interior
Reach as high as these ceilings in your next project. (Image courtesy of TRIAD Architects)

A haven for entrepreneurs, inventors, tinkerers, coworkers and, well, really anyone, this space has an array of offerings to help you realize your potential.

Besides their classes and events, from woodworking to networking to anything else you can imagine, their second floor is a 25,000 sq. ft. coworking space dedicated to drop in memberships, large communal spaces, dedicated desks and private offices.


Check out the Idea Foundry’s range of pricing here--there’s simply too many options to put down in this post!


  • Event space discounts
  • Drop in desks
  • Free wifi
  • Locker rental
  • On-site coffee and kitchenette
  • 24/7 access
  • Free parking
  • Members-only discounts on classes, event space and conference room rentals

Qwirk - 3rd Street

qwirk coworking space interior with nice couch
Check out these comfy couches. (Image courtesy of Pinterest)

An ideal shift from home offices, or for a nomadic worker, Qwirk provides all the office space you need to complete your work or grow your business. The 3 biggest benefits there, according to the space, are the community, energy and access of Qwirk. In addition to the space and activity of the environment, Qwirk also holds regular networking and social events for people (and businesses) to grow within their community and advance in their profession.

Come check them out, it’s only $10 to drop in and get some work done!


  • Day pass: 10$/day
  • Weekly desk: $85/week
  • Part timer desk (any open desk that’s available):$275/month
  • Full timer dedicated desk (single dedicated desk that you use for the length of your membership): $375/month
  • Dedicated office: $675-$875/month
  • Conference room rental: $35/hour


  • Free high speed wifi
  • Secure lockers
  • Print/fax/copy/scan/other fun paper things
  • Mail collection
  • Coffee and snacks
  • Common lounge area
  • Members get free use of conference rooms
  • Free parking
  • 24/7 building access
  • Use of space for evening events

The Perch - Short North

the perch coworking space interior with spiral staircase
Accelerate your business through shared knowledge and collaboration (Image courtesy of The Perch)

The Perch’s motto: “Small teams. Big Ideas.” is the perfect description of this collaborative space. Locally owned and committed to providing spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers and start ups to centralize their businesses in the Short North Neighborhood, The Perch may be the perfect space for your business to begin (or move to).


Pricing available upon request for:

  • Dedicated desks (single seat, shared option available)
  • Small teams (double)
  • Team of 2-3 private office
  • Team of 4-5 loft


All members receive:

  • A dedicated desk or office (depending on your needs, obviously)
  • 24/7 access to a secure, well appointed workspace
  • Complimentary office supplies
  • Wireless and wired internet service
  • Equipment storage
  • Easy access to private conference room
  • Use of AppleTV with 65' display
  • Collaboration whiteboard space (as a physics nerd, I love this)
  • Black & white and color printing
  • Access to kitchen area with provisions
  • Fresh ground local coffee
  • Access to common areas and restrooms
  • Public display of company logo
  • On-site Parking

Club Level Coworking - Gay St. District

club level coworking space interior with plenty of tables and chairs
This place is teeming with ambiance. (Image courtesy of Club Level Coworking)

Just steps from all the action of Downtown Columbus, Club Level Coworking makes it easy to grow your business. With no hassle memberships--no hidden deposits, administrative costs or fees--and numerous programs designed to help you save money on your memberships, Club Level Coworking could be your young, fresh location to work out of.


  • Shared space: $350/month
  • Dedicated private office: $550/month

(Simple, right?)


  • Free conference room use (based on availability)
  • Free wifi
  • Access to daily events
  • Business mail handling
  • Reduced membership programs

Serendipity Labs - Downtown and Short North

serendipity labs coworking space colorful interior
With over 100 locations under development, Serendipity Labs is spreading their coworking vision across the nation. (Image courtesy of Serendipity Labs)

Serendipity Labs differ from other collaborative spaces in that their focus is not office rental space, but hospitality. They believe that by blending state-of-the-art workspace design, technology and hospitality services, an inspirational experience can be delivered by a workspace.

With over 100 locations under development right now in urban and suburban areas, Serendipity Labs will spread their hospitality-breeds-creativity vision throughout the nation.


  • Coworking visits: $29/visit
  • Unlimited coworking visits: $249/month
  • Dedicated desk: $399/month
  • Dedicated office: $699/month
  • Team room: $999/month


While perks vary depending on membership levels, all members can enjoy:

  • Guest reception and concierge services
  • Secure high speed internet and printing
  • Complimentary coffee and access to premium snacks
  • Access to meet-up and meeting rooms
  • Access to all locations and mobile app
  • 24/7 access from unlimited coworking membership up

The Salt Mines - Clintonville  

the salt mines coworking space with table and office chairs
It’s all about feeding off one another’s creativity at The Salt Mines. (Image courtesy of The Business Journals)

Good coffee, good conversation and good ideas. We choose to pick up off our kitchen tables and make our way to the North Side of Columbus, for these things. Because they’ll help to grow our businesses. And because they’re worth it.


  • Daily pass: $15/day
  • Part timers (any 12 hours of the month): $120/month
  • Full timers (daily use, unlimited coffee, free printing, conference room reservations): $200/month
  • Dedicated desk (all the full timer stuff, plus 24/7 access and a personal dedicated space): $250/month

(At these prices, I’m thinking of picking up my laptop and moving myself. I mean I probably spend $200 a month just on coffee.)


  • High speed wireless internet
  • Meeting room for members
  • Events, lunches and happy hours
  • Unlimited coffee for members
  • Free printing for members

So there you have it, 6 innovative, in the future work spaces to help you stop feeling like this every time you step into your office/basement/whatever hole you curl up into to try and work:

meme that reads "when people ask how i handle this job... i'm dead inside"